What is Glass?

A simple application to allow you to add transparency to your cmd and powershell windows.


Why use Glass?

If you're anything like the author, you spend way too much time on your computer in Visual Studio and an array of various PowerShell and Cmd windows. This program simply allows for you to customize the transparency levels of your console windows for your viewing pleasure.  Quite simply, that's all there is to it.

How does it work?

It browses currently active processes and if certain criteria are met (basic heuristics to identify powershell and cmd windows), some alpha transparency will be applied to the process' main window.  No external dependencies with the exception of .NET.

The code is ridiculously simple.  Feel free to download and run yourself.  You don't even need Visual Studio  A text editor (such as Notepad++) and the 'csc' compiler in the %Windows%\Microsoft.NET\<version> compiler (csc.exe) or even msbuild will work just fine.


It's sort of silly to have a roadmap for such a simple application but I did want to make a few points:

  • The first release is a simple console application.
  • If anyone actually finds value in Glass, we can extend it a bit to add some sort of taskbar presence and perhaps even a light history/settings manager.
  • I have zero intentions of ever expanding Glass beyond this simple functionality.  A simple design is all goodness here.

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